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About DVenegas Designs

D Venegas Designs first took up its tools in Los Angeles, California, and has grown into a reliable and innovative artisan. We are 100% hand-crafted and made in the USA. We are slowly taking over the east coast from New York to South Beach, Florida. Finding the perfect sofa is an art form. Explore our creative journey and design sensibility in our revamped Furniture Designer Portfolio.

Leather Sofa

What We Do

About our Service. 

DVenegas specializes in creating furniture to your desired specifications, We've worked with countless Interior designers to bring dream furniture to life but our custom furniture service is available to everyone, residential and commercial.

Click Here to bring Your Imagination To Life.

Custom Projects

Working with interior designers is nothing new to DVenegas, we've worked with many interior designers to bring their imagination to life, and speed and quality is our forte.


Below are some of our previous projects.

David Venegas
-The Founder and Designer-

David Venegas is based in Los Angeles, California. D Venegas is a master at bringing interior spaces to life and since then has grown DVenegas Designs into a reliable and innovative artesian. A distinguished innovator, his elevated intellectual style is achieved by fusing genres, styles, and textures to invoke progressive yet timeless design. 

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